The Erasables

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for “Heads in the Sand”

“…a colloquium of some masterful technical give-and-take spun into orbit or brought to down to earth with assorted lyrical themes ranging from the straight to the deadpan Keatonesque (Buster) to the campy and fun.  This is a hugely listenable and brilliantly creative CD that has been at the top of my playlist for the past month.

Read the whole review from Suzanna Mars in her Fresh Squeezed Florida Blog


“Great lyrics over soaring leads and epic walls of sound.”

Ric Kaestner, Encinitas, CA


“Holy f@#%in’ s**t!  This is powerful, dense (rich), beautiful stuff.”

Jeff Wade, Gainesville, Fl


“I thought this CD was supposed to be erased but somehow there is this crappy music on it. It is so bad that even Bristol can’t dance to it! Erase immediately and replace with patriotic Orin Hatch songs or I will send Levi and Todd over to refudiate you!”

Sarah P., Wasilla, AK


“wow…this is great stuff…the production is nice and clean and transparent….”

Herb Eimerman, The Britannicas and the Nerk Twins, Lake Villa, IL


“Very well done bunch of songs, interesting arrangements, good production, bundles of groovy influences heard.  I really appreciate tasty background vocals and they are in evidence- obviously lots of time spent in the studio all over your disc.  The drumming is superb and soooo right for each tune; Rob drums like a songwriter.”

Chris Breetveld, The Breetles


“Wow, is all I can say! YOUR SOUND IS AMAZING! It is so full; I love the frequent and gorgeous key changes. I could listen to the Erasables for hours.”

Beth Morris, Victoria, BC


“A wonderful album, very thoughtful lyrics, quite original. Abraham’s Daughter—love it!”

Margot, on iTunes


I’m just totally impressed. The recording and effects, general sounds of the guitars and other instruments just so well done and mixed. All the songs are great but I think my favorite is the second song, very haunting melody, just kind of stays with you after you hear it. Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with next!”

John Stephens, music teacher and guitarist/singer in the band Moondog


“We’ve been thoroughly enjoying The Erasables CD.  It’s dazzling, moving and fun, many more comments to come.  (Did I just sing a reprise?)  The talent … exceptional, the passion … palpable.”



“If at all possible, your humour is even more present. Love it. And other songs have propelled me back to my musical roots. Fun!”

Danielle Poirier, Canada


Can I be president of the fan club?”

 Renee Hoffinger